We never turn down a glass of our own wine!
We dedicate our winery to the production of St. Magdalener wine, a wonderfully harmonious blend of Vernatsch and Lagrein. And, of course, we also serve our own wine at the Hirschen - because happiness shared is twice the joy. And that goes for the liquid variety too!

The Hirschen wine.

Our own vineyard is located halfway between Jenesien and Bozen, on fertile lands which have been farmed by our family for generations. Here, at 600 metres above sea level, the grapes for our St. Magdalener wines - mainly Vernatsch, with a little Lagrein - are simply magnificent. And they always have been!

In the best of company.

What goes best with mouthwatering food? A fine wine, of course! And we have plenty of them in our wine cellar at the Gasthof zum Hirschen, where our exceptionally vast wine list features a strong focus on wines from our immediate surroundings. And we are also proud to tell you that we have been awarded the “Wine Culture Award” from “Südtirol Wein,” awarded to businesses that demonstrate outstanding commitment to upholding the local wine culture.

Vineyard tours.

Wine belongs to South Tyrol like pizza belongs to Italy - and in matters of viticulture, our small piece of land does great things. As part of our weekly programme, we regularly invite small-scale vintners to our winery for tasting sessions, and, in late summer, accompany our guests on vineyard hikes. Complete with a glass or two of the fine stuff, needless to say!

Rainer, the wine connoisseur.

A lot of passion goes into creating our very own St. Magdalener wines. And Rainer Toniatti, husband of Hirschen-daughter Petra, is the man who is responsible for them. He ploughs endless zeal into the vineyard, the grapes and the production of our wines. It is his dedication and passion that put the superbness into every sip!