It’s going to be a fun-packed day, kids!
The sound of children’s laughter echoes through the hallways of our hotel, and fun-packed merriment is no uncommon event. That’s why we provide our holiday kids with ample space of their own, to just be kids.

Pool party!!!

What better way to end a day’s adventures than with a pool party? To make sure that every box is ticked for every single one of our guests, no matter how old or young, we have split our spa area in two: The ground floor is the kids’ realm, and boasts a pool, lawn, hay bath and large relaxation room, while the first floor houses the saunas, steam bath, relaxation room and treatment rooms for our spa treatments, and is exclusively for the use of adults and children aged 12 or over.

Exploring the Salten with babies.

Wide walking trails, with only the slighted of ups and downs - the Salten mountain plateau is the perfect spot to go hiking with a baby stroller, which means that even the youngest guests can breathe the fresh mountain air and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. Countless hiking routes weave their way over the gentle terrain, leading you from one mountain hut to mountain hut, where you can enjoy a long break and a bite to eat - and the children can run around in the playgrounds to their hearts’ content.

Saddle up!

At our Unterwirt horse farm, you and your children can experience the very best of riding fun. Children at all levels of ability can take part in riding courses, learn how to handle horses in a child-friendly, safe way, and spend a looot of time petting them. We also organise horse and carriage rides across the magnificent Jenesien plateau: Just sit back in our traditional carriages and let our Haflingers drive you around!

Jenesien for young explorers.

Holidays in Jenesien are an experience to remember for a long time to come - especially for children. There are so many adventure waiting for you here! Your little ones can take riding lessons at our stables, run around in the large playground with football pitch, and make full use of the local public pool and tennis court free of charge, and in the winter months, an ice rink and climbing holiday provide ample opportunity to let off steam. Countless family-friendly hikes lead out directly from the hotel and, with your Bozen Card, you can travel for free on all public transport and the cable car, and gain free entry to over 80 museums!

Speeding over the ice.

Summer lobs and winter pirouettes: In the winter months, the Jenesien tennis court is converted into a skating rink. Skating is so much more fun out in the open, with fresh air tickling your nose and the magnificent mountains all around. Skate round the rink a few times, try a few tricks, have an ice hockey match - there’s nothing better than a winter afternoon on the rink! And if you don’t have your own skates, you can even rent a pair.

Rooms & suites for everybody
Fancy coming to the Hirschen with your whole family? We have plenty of space!