All-natural, in all that we do.
That’s our motto, and it is reflected throughout our entire hotel, and in everything we do. We are so grateful for the fact that we live in such pure countryside, and want to preserve this beautiful land for all time.

All with our own fair hands!

Jam, vinegar, oil, herbal salt, juice, wine, spirits, spa products… The list of things we make ourselves, using the products from our own organic garden, is a long one indeed, and it’s all rounded off with locally-sourced products, to ensure that you can enjoy sustainable pleasures in all of their many facets. Would you like an example? Even at the breakfast table, you’ll find our homemade jams, our own speciality sausages, herbal teas and eggs from Afing together with bread from the Jenesien village bakery, and Sarntal Valley chocolate spread made with hay-milk from South Tyrol.

From Nose to Tail.

We look at the bigger picture, and it all begins with ensuring that nothing is wasted in our kitchen. The foal meat comes from our own Unterwirt farm, and we purchase all of our other meats from local farmers, and we use every single bit of it - from head to toe. In everything that we do, sustainability is a given, every bit as much as ensuring that our guests are happy and comfortable. Today, this is known as economics for the common good; here at the Hirschen, we call it economic acumen and common sense.

Because we value the values of our lands.

The roots of the Gasthof zum Hirschen run deep Jenesien, so it’s no surprise that we have always enjoyed a close relationship with the farmers and artisans of our community. Virtually all of our agricultural produce is sourced from the local area, from our fruit and vegetables to organic herbal teas, eggs, bread, pastries, dairy products, seeds and grains. We also turn to tradespeople from Jenesien for any work needing done in the hotel, and use local beauty products in our Hirschen spa. And all of this because quality, freshness and, above all, love of our homeland are dear to our hearts.

The natural look is always the prettiest!

The Salten is filled with the sweet scent of larch trees - and we’ve brought it into our spa! The “La Ricina” body care products are based on a top-quality oil extracted from the precious larch resin. It nourishes and pampers the skin, eases the muscles and soothes inflammation. Mountain pine products from Trehs, a company based in the Sarntal area, are also used in our spa, as is the “Gertraud Gruber” range of natural cosmetics, complete with their sustainable packaging and all-natural ingredients.

Conscientious cleaning.

Sustainability and the environment are also among our top priorities during the course of our everyday tasks- That’s why we use certified Ecolabel products for our in-house laundry with its automatic detergent-dosing system, to the kitchen and spa. The mixing stations ensure that all cleaning agents are precision-measured in order to keep environmental impact as low as possible. We also return our empty packaging to the supplier for reuse.