The incredible power of larch.
The countryside of the Salten is blanketed in larch forests where, for many long years, ghosts and fairies were believed to dwell. Here at the Hirschen, we extract the essential oils of this larch wood and put them to superb use in our highly-effective spa treatments.

Larch treatments, for moment of sheer bliss.

We adore the intense, heady aroma of larch. Would you like to envelop yourself in its soothing scent? With our four fabulous larch treatments, we give you the perfect chance to do just that.

Elisabeth, the larch expert.

Elisabeth Unterhofer is an out-and-out connoisseur of larch wood and its precious resin. She knows just how to extract the powerful, aromatic essential oil of this conifer in order to bring its vitality and effectiveness out to the fullest. She has also mastered the art of creating the top-quality, all-natural “La Ricina” body care products better than anybody else here on the Salten.

La Ricina – Skincare products from the Salten.

In days gone by, larch was a staple of every home medicine cabinet - and even today, its active ingredients are still in use, particularly for respiratory problems and rheumatic and neuralgic complaints. Not to mention in our spa, where larch oil penetrates deep into your skin, relaxes your muscles, soothes inflammations and brings you the fabulous scent of alpine meadows. The “La Ricina” skincare products, which Elisabeth Unterhofer makes with her own hands, and are also available here, are top-quality natural cosmetics made with the purest of larch oil.

Only the best, from our lands.