The Hirschen of young art.
“High up in the mountains” is the title of the artists-in-residence programme here at the Hirschen, where visual artist come to stay at regular intervals and, in exchange, leave a work of art when they depart.

Gabriela Oberkofler and her art.

Gabriela Oberkofler, born in Bolzano in 1975, is a visual artist. Since graduating in Art from the University of Visual Arts in Corner Brook in Canada and at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, she has focussed her works on artistic research into future-oriented forms of coexistence and the search for new forms of collaboration between art and agriculture. In her drawings, installations and performative works, she deals with the complex relationship between humans, plants and animals in an unwavering search for references which express matters of social significance.


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Observation, admiration, contemplation.

They are the food for the soul, the icing on the cake that brings beauty and meaning to life: the works of art and mysterious treasures hiding in every corner breathe life and vibrancy into the Gasthof zum Hirschen.
Diners and guests at the Hirschen are surrounded by a collection of art which has grown with the passing of the years, and comprises works and prints by Gabriela Oberkofler and other contemporary artists.

A trip to the Taberhof.

In August 2022, Gabriela Oberkofler opened the Institute for alternative agriculture, contemporary art and life in the Periphery at the Taberhof in Flaas, a hamlet of Jenesien. In her family since the 1980s, the Taberhof has at various points in its history, been a courthouse, parish hall, tavern, schoolhouse, rehearsal room for the local band and clubhouse with a theatre stage. Since its reinauguration, the Taberhof has been a regular venue for cultural events.


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