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The power of the mountain

The harsh living conditions on the mountains allow for the growth of a multitude of plants and herbs, which, despite changing weather patterns, remain standing in icy winters and voraciously soak up the powerful mountain sun in the summer. As is often said here, “only the toughest survive.” This indeed appears to be the case with the small, robust plants of the area, distinguishable by a particularly intense spice and striking, yet pleasant scents. Here in the mountains of medium height grow larch trees and mountain pine trees. These two varieties sprout and thrive the best at the tree line. They have an inherent power which our ancestors were aware of and which are today, in refined form, the most important components of purely natural and healthful skincare ranges.

Larch trees – the typical conifer of the Salten plateau

Larch trees make up the majority of the landscape on the Salten plateau. With their delicate needles, bright green in spring and amber in autumn, they give the mountain pastures and meadows an almost mystical flair. Just as mysterious is their scent: oil and essences are made from what is known around these parts as the “Lörget” or the resin of the larch tree. These oils and essences are happily used in our spa.
Also noteworthy: larch tree oil nourishes and enhances the skin, relaxes muscles and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The “Sarner” Mountain Pine Trees – “Blessing of the Mountain”

The “Sarner” mountain pine trees belong among the oldest, medicinal plants of the Sarntal valley in the Alps. From generation to generation, the female farmers and their daughters have passed along the valuable knowledge surrounding the healthful characteristics of Sarntal mountain pine trees. In the local vernacular they have forever been known as “Bergsegen” or “blessing of the mountain.” The essential oils of Sarntal valley mountain pine trees can be found in the glorious aromatic product range from Trehs.
Also noteworthy: The oil of Sarntal valley mountain pine trees nourishes the skin, increases blood flow and naturally deodorizes.

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