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The happiest place on earth is of course
on the back of our horses!

In Jenesien and on the sunny Salten plateau, the riding conditions are ideal in winter or summer. Therefore our riding stables, Unterwirt, are open year-round.

The Haflinger horse tradition in South Tyrol

South Tyrol is the home of the Haflinger horse. In 19th Century South Tyrol, a “Haflinger” was a folk expression for a pack horse. In 1898 the breed type “Haflinger” was officially approved as a breed of the Habsburg army. With this, the cornerstone was laid for further breeding of the horse on the Haflinger plateau and in Jenesien. In 1904 the “1st Haflinger Breeding Society Mölten” was founded by the villages of Hafling, Vöran, Mölten and Jenesien which are on the Tschöggelberg mountain chain of South Tyrol. Since 1969 “Zum Hirschen” riding stables and Haflinger horse breeding have co-existed. Over the years, the riding stables have come to be called “Unterwirt.” The men of the Oberkofler family run “Unterwirt,” while the country inn “Zum Hirschen” is in the women’s hands. Both businesses are run in close cooperation.

Blond Manes and Good Characters

Wherever you look in Jenesien, you will notice that Haflinger horses are at home here. Once valuable workhorses in mountainside farming, today, horse lovers treasure these powerfully built, versatile and extraordinarily sure-footed mountain horses as charming leisure horses. A Haflinger horse is well-tempered soul. This coupled with its wide, comfortable back makes even the first attempt at riding a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Passionate riders treasure these blond horses for their readiness for action and endurance throughout long treks. These characteristics are shown also in their temperment. Lively and extremely sure-footed, the Haflinger horse fits into the mountaineous terrain, for this light, but robust horse breed was, from the start, bred to live and work in the mountains.

Do you have riding fever? The Haflinger horse will conquer your heart.


To trot briskly over the blossoming seas of crocuses in spring and to frolic through the colorful forests in autumn. To go steadily through the deep snow of the countryside in winter. In any season, South Tyrol offers a glorious setting for real horse lovers to pursue their passion. Since reopening in 2012, our Haflinger riding stables Unterwirt combines a horse farm, riding stables and horse boarding under one roof. For the beginner as well as those more advanced, riding at Unterwirt is a real pleasure: the modern riding arena –built to international standards – raises the pulse of even professional riders; and, by long rides over the light-flooded larch meadows of the Salten plateau, every horse lover is overcome with a feeling of freedom.

The riding stables offer:

  • A modern riding arena in accordance with international standards
  • Riding paddock
  • New stalls
  • Ca. 20 trained teaching horses (Haflingers bred from our own stock)
  • Diverse, individualized courses in the riding paddock
  • On-site individual or group riding lessons, as well as lunging lessons for beginners
  • Lessons on the correct handling and care of horses
  • Organized day rides through Europe’s most beautiful larch tree meadows
  • Guest horse stalls and lessons for those on equestrian holidays with their own horses

Unterwirt is also happy to organize a delightful horsedrawn carriage ride for you as well!

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