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Female-run business

Whenever someone speaks in the vernacular about the Gasthof zum Hirschen being run by women, one does so with respect. For here, for five generations the women of the family have proven what it means to live the innkeeping tradition. Certainly a great deal of talent is required, but also above all character and personality are needed. Also helpful are a skillful hand in the kitchen and a good head for wine, a willingness to listen to both the big and small concerns of the guests – and with a wink, to always have a solution ready. And finally, the innkeeper must always have her heart in the right place.

It’s not that we don’t like men!

Rather, it was a matter of fate. Since the great-grandfather of the family took over the Gasthof zum Hirschen, it has just so happened that the inn has always been and is run by the women of the family. The grandmother was in body and soul a chief and she understood how to build the business. Then her two daughters, the mother and aunt, took over from her. While the father continued working the family farm and breeding Haflinger horses, the young innkeeper, Maria Luise, today senior chief, devoted herself completely to the inn and to raising six kids; five girls and one boy, Georg, who now runs the family-owned stables and Haflinger breeding farm, “Unterwirt”. Maria Luise and her two daughters, Maria and Petra, are today the innkeepers at Zum Hirschen and together with head chef of the kitchen Maria-Theresia, aesthetician Barbara, the staff and sister Ulrike, they form a strong all-female team!

One only sees clearly with ones heart …

Surely a skillful hand is needed for the innkeeping life. At the Hirschen, however, it is above all the pleasant, cheerful and winning manner maintained by the women of the house and spread by them with flair into every room. As a result, one immediately feels at home in the inn.  That said, the elder innkeeper, Maria Luise – awarded for her 50-year commitment to innkeeping – has also always moved with the times, updating the house to meet the latest demands of her trade.

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