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Active out and about

Active out and about on the Salten plateau: The season is irrelevant, the Jenesian landscape is inviting for either relaxed or ambitious undertakings throughout the entire year. For the nature lover, it is a hiker’s paradise, giving the impression of a fairytale when, in spring, the crocuses bloom in white and violet or in autumn when the larch trees with their golden color appear almost to be alight. Here, you are reminded of happy, light-hearted summer days from your childhood, and in the quiet Jenesian winter, you can expect cotton white snow landscapes. The spacious plateau invites you to partake in lively horse riding adventures and long bike rides with the glorious panaorama of the Dolomites before you as well as snowshoeing or a carriage ride in the quiet of winter.


Welcome to the sunny side of Bozen! Just behind Jenesien begins the Salten plateau. It combines the characteristic natural landscape of the South Tyrolean mountains with wide light-flooded larch tree meadows, hidden hamlets, lush mountain pastures, an extensive network of nature trails and mythical places like the “Stoanernen Mandln" (men of stone). As altitude only moderately increases, the area is perfect for both shorter, contemplative walks or longer, challenging hikes. Mountain huts with small restaurants invite you to have a bite or a hearty “Marend,” as the afternoon snack of South Tyrolean specialties is called here.

Hiking Suggestions

Brisk hikes, challenging climbs and breathtaking mountain ascents – from the Hirschen, every guest, whatever his or her wish, can discover nature by foot. Because they are ever present, why not take a tour of the Dolomites or a guided mountain hike? Directly from the Hirschen, there are short or long hikes in the communities of Falzeben, Hafling, Vöran, Mölten and Jenesien. For these hikes the “Tschögglbergbus” is available. We can arrange for a mountain guide. Whatever your hiking interest, we are always ready to give you one or two secret tips to help you along your way. In addition, you can also peruse the many books and brochures we have available in our hiking corner”


Away from the hustle and bustle on the ski slopes, try some wonderful moments of silence in undisturbed snowy landscapes while snowshoeing. In this way, you can experience the quiet side of the South Tyrolean winter, trudging across snow-covered South Tyrolean mountain pastures or walking through deep, snowy forests. An excellent challenge for the body and benefical to the soul as well. So, why not come along with us snowshoeing one time – you’re whole-heartedly invited!

Cycling in Jenesien

In Jenesien and on the wide Salten plateau cyclists and mountain bikers are in paradise. Curve your way through the mountain pastures, weave between larch trees, and enjoy the fresh wind in your hair and a wide panorama of the Dolomites in your view. Further below in the valley, numerous, well-constructed bike paths along the Talfer, the Eisack and Etsch rivers make for practically unending rides. An idyllic bike ride through the entire Etsch valley and its sea of apple blossoms in spring is definitely something to take advantage of.

Rental mountain bikes are available free, the rent of our E-Bikes has to be paid.

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