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A spa in the heart of the Alps: with pleasent peels and packs, relaxing baths and beneficial massages and the spicey aromas of the South Tyrolean mountains, the Hirschen spa creates a sense of ease and comfort, which brings one back to cheerful childhood days and awakens in one a deep sense of security. Allow yourself to peacefully recline and enjoy the fine aromas and relaxing as well as reviving effects of our local plants and herbs.

Healthful treatments

  • Back Massage (25 mins) - €31.00
  • Full-body Massage (50 mins) - €51.00
  • Leg and Foot Massage (25 mins) - €31.00
  • Back Massage DORSALIS (50 mins) - €53.00

Did you know ...? Massages activate self-healing powers, increase wellbeing, strengthen physical and mental activity and promote inner peace and serenity.

  • Larch Tree Peel (20 mins) - €32.00
  • Mountain Pine Tree Peel (20 mins) - €32.00
  • Hay Peel (20 mins) - €32.00

Did you know …? After a peel, skin radiates a new freshness, for through the removal of dead skin cells and hardened skin, it again becomes silk-like, pure and smooth. The peel stimulates the blood supply and brings about skin renewal. Thus, your complexion appears immediately rejuvenated. Of the advantages of peels, the Ancient Egyptians were well aware. In their peels, they used sand and salt of the Nile.

  • Facial Care Ritual by „Vitalis“ (certified organic and 100% natural) (80 mins) - €70.00
  • Classic Facial (60 mins) - €55.00
  • Classic Facial and Massage (80 mins) - €70.00
  • Facial Care for Men (80 mins) - €70.00
  • Eyebrow Shaping and Depilation

Did you know …? The face is the window to the soul. Therefore our treatments are devoted first and foremost to your wellbeing. Through our professional facials, the skin is stimulated and regenerated through intense treatments to the face, neck and decoltage, bringing about a radiant complexion.

In our facials we trust the power of nature. The inNATURE cosmetic deluxe line from Vitalis combines the best active ingredients of nature with a certified organic quality, leading to a natural anti-aging protection with a unique degree of penetration.

  • Larch Tree Bath (20 mins) - 32,00 €
  • Marigold and Chamomile Bath (20 mins) - €32.00
  • Hayflower and Juniper Bath (20 mins) - €32.00
  • Hay Bath (20 mins) - €32.00

Did you know …? For centuries, hay baths have been an intrinsic part of the culture of South Tyrol. This unique tradition allows us to get back in touch with nature. The hay grows on the South Tyrolean mountaintop pastures and meadows. It is distinguishable by its particularly high proportion of herbs and because of its biodiversity it is especially valuable. And the quality of the hay is of course a precondition for a hay bath with lasting, positive effects.

In the softpack lounge, all body wraps are particularly effective at 38°C. The warmth opens the pores and allows the precious active ingredients to be best absobed by the body. In addition, by being held in suspension, the spine is completely unburdened and a truly deep relaxtion is achieved.

For extended enjoyment: our spa packages

Larch tree peel with optional larch tree package or larch tree bath, as well as a back massage with larch tree oil - €80.00


Breath in the scents of the Alps: enjoy a mountain pine tree peel and mountain pine tree oil package - €55.00


Massage with mountain pine tree oil and a pure salt-mountain pine tree oil peel - €60.00


Take in the scents of South Tyrolean mountaintop meadows in summer: enjoy a hay bath and hay peel - €55.00


Could there be more? Alongside the hay peel and hay bath we will spoil you with a back massage - €85.00


The “Sarner” Mountain Pine Trees – “Blessing of the Mountain”

The “Sarner” mountain pine trees belong among the oldest, medicinal plants of the Sarntal valley in the Alps. From generation to generation, the female farmers and their daughters have passed along the valuable knowledge surrounding the healthful characteristics of Sarntal mountain pine trees. In the local vernacular they have forever been known as “Bergsegen” or “blessing of the mountain.” The essential oils of Sarntal valley mountain pine trees can be found in the glorious aromatic product range from Trehs.
Also noteworthy: The oil of Sarntal valley mountain pine trees nourishes the skin, increases blood flow and naturally deodorizes.

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